Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Six More Week of Winter

Breaking news!! 6 more weeks of winter...damn groundhog.

Okay - that means zilch to us desert dwellers. However, it means a bunch to me. My right foot is currently "under construction." So that means, six more weeks of winter.

Hey, but I've got a plan...

Remember last blog, where I basically said I was going to make Lake Sonoma my bitch? Well, plans change. Upon seeing Dr. Dean, he gave me the diagnosis  - torn ligament=bootcity. So, I won't be ready to make anything my bitch by April 12th. But we talked Western States, and he said *if I heal well, it should be no problem.

I know, I know...ifs. But, I'm holding on to hope. In the meantime here's the plan:

  • Rest
  • Do as much core, upper body, etc as I'm allowed
  • Get some writing and schoolwork done 
  • Spend some much needed time with the man and the family
  • Eat veggies like a champ
  • Learn Minecraft with Alexander
  • Heal
  • Mental training

So that's what I got. Let's go, life

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