Monday, October 10, 2011

Matazals 18 miler

YES! YES! YES! I love running, and well, trying to resume consistency between a busy life and AC 100 recovery has been tough. However, after a week of consistent training, I'm happy to report...stella's go her groove back.

The Matazals race is a fun grassroots race put on by Honey and Debbie (local ultra ladies). The race starts uphill on Jeep roads for about 9 miles (like 3k feet of gain). Then hits the famous AZ trail for 5 miles of gnarly overgrown awesomeness! The last couple of miles ends on Jeep roads. Views are amazing. Running is amazing.

Now's also my realization that I need to shed some pounds. Beer, pizza, and fried food do not boast well for the non-runners body (and, arguably, even the runners body). So it's time to lean up and train up...the mountains are calling and I MUST go!!

Future races this year include, tentatively, the Cave Creek Thriller, Pass Mountain (one of my favs), and maybe maybe the NF 50 in San Fran (which does not boast well for my "diet").

Monday: 9.5 miles of canals
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 10ish miles of mountains with Jamil and James
Thursday: 6 miles of canals
Friday: 12 miles of canals
Saturday: 5 miles of "dog" running
Sunday: 18 miles of sweet sweet trail running.

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